Dune Remake 2014 Movie Concept Art Images

Dune 2014 MovieLast news about Dune remake: Dune 2012 become Dune 2014. Why? Resignation of french director Pierre Morel's destabilized the production big-screen remake of the science fiction "Dune". Morel, director of "Taken", has spent almost a year to develop movie projects for a new adaptation of Frank Herbert's novels. Screenwriter for the new project is Josh Zetumer who also wrote and action lines in the movie "Quantum of Solace" in James Bond franchise.

Filming for the new "Dune" were scheduled for this year. The heads of Paramount Pictures is now seriously considering to sell the copyright for this project if it will not achieve any progress until spring, according to Moviefone.com.

Last year, director Peter Berg had given his resignation, and Pierre Morel came to the helm in January to put the Dune project on its feet. Literary "Dune" story was filmed for the big screen in 1984 by filmmaker David Lynch, with Sting in one of the main roles. Adventures of Frank Herbert imagined mini television series came in 2000.

Now release date for Dune remake is 2014, and let's hope that there will be in 2014. Dune 2014 trailer and images (concept art) will be here as soon as possible.UPDATE: Dune Concept Art Images are HERE!
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