Find out why Dune is delayed until 2014

There is a little strange situation at Paramount Pictures, related to project of the classic sci-fi Dune, the generally fundamental problem of studios: the hunger for money. Situation has brought another problem, the rights writers and holders who not only receive offers from everywhere, but they have a word to say about how movies are made and produced.

Rumors started last November, and even this year, saying that Paramount will extend the project based on the novel by Frank Herbert for a period of four years, both for the development of the concept and to complete the scenario.

Paramount officials have denied the rumor and said that Dune project will set in motion, the studio forgetting to specify the exact date of production or distribution or when will begin shooting or casting, because the are not there yet. However it seems that rights holders and owners will not grant another extension of time, because the project has stretched so much, moving too slowly.

DUNE project for a new film from Frank Herbert's book 1965 book is Sci-Fi novel with the highest sales ever started somewhere in 2008.

It should be noted here that such a project of this magnitude, is a very difficult task, given the famous novel Dune and passion of the universe created by Fanrk Hebert in detail. After Peter Berg was appointed as a director and spent several years developing a script with writer Josh Zetumer, he left the project in favor of film Battleship. Chase Palmer then rewrote under the supervision of Pierre Morel who was eventually appointed, director Peter Berg's departure.

Finally!, Yes you guessed it, it seems that Morel left the project he will be only an executive producer. If at first the approximate date the film was in 2010, then 2012, surely now the release was delayed until 2014. May someone understand something? No one said it would be easy to start such a project.

Dune series still prints and sells well all over the world and there is no library that do not have a series of books by Fank Herbert. But, symbolically speaking, the book is always related to the 1984 film, directed by David Lynch, in his own style, a little strange, a film that left much to be desired, especially its lack of specific content Dune universe, a film that reminds us just a giant worm in the desert and the Sting dressed only in what looked like a diaper blue, with charismatic actor, during that time, Kyle MacLachlan.

dune 2014

Yet nobody wants to take the reins of the project, which is very complex and very difficult to conceive and shot. Parmount Dune sees a good franchise with high earning opportunities and a chance to get another trilogy and who knows maybe other sequels.

Either way, the clock ticking, and Paramount studio is careful, as any studio would be a project that has already cost, around $ 100 million, money that the studio invested in development costs, written and copyrighted.

Perhaps the studio would be able to gain some of the money, if they manage to sell the entire project. Yet, despite the uncertainties, the launch was postponed for year 2014, pending completion of the script and the unclear situation of the project.

dune remakeFor those who watched the development project since the beginning, it becomes clear that making a big screen screenings Dune, is becoming increasingly difficult and that make us believe that Dune is one of the hardest big-screen adaptations. That's all for now about the project.

Dune Remake 2014 Movie Concept Art Images

Dune 2014 MovieLast news about Dune remake: Dune 2012 become Dune 2014. Why? Resignation of french director Pierre Morel's destabilized the production big-screen remake of the science fiction "Dune". Morel, director of "Taken", has spent almost a year to develop movie projects for a new adaptation of Frank Herbert's novels. Screenwriter for the new project is Josh Zetumer who also wrote and action lines in the movie "Quantum of Solace" in James Bond franchise.

Filming for the new "Dune" were scheduled for this year. The heads of Paramount Pictures is now seriously considering to sell the copyright for this project if it will not achieve any progress until spring, according to

Last year, director Peter Berg had given his resignation, and Pierre Morel came to the helm in January to put the Dune project on its feet. Literary "Dune" story was filmed for the big screen in 1984 by filmmaker David Lynch, with Sting in one of the main roles. Adventures of Frank Herbert imagined mini television series came in 2000.

Now release date for Dune remake is 2014, and let's hope that there will be in 2014. Dune 2014 trailer and images (concept art) will be here as soon as possible.UPDATE: Dune Concept Art Images are HERE!
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New Dune Movie 2012 will be a sci-fi action movie

More informations about Dune (2012). New Dune Movie 2012 will be a sci-fi action movie. While promoting his latest film From Paris with Love, John Travolta and starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, director Pierre Morel was "questioned" in connection with his next project, named Dune, written by Frank Herbert.

Considering that the filmmaker of all time released information about the new dune movie project, reporters in the absence of relevant questions, asked him if he includes action scenes in this new dune movie in 2012.

Morel's response was temperate and cautious. It seems that such scenes will not define the movie:

"There are many scenes which are described in novels that are just mentioned, like some attacks, so it seems logical to include several such scenes in the film. Thus, one can say that dunes will contain elements of action movie. "

Knowing that such statement could cause major panic in the universe fans signed by Herbert, Morel testified that he read his first book 10 times, and that wants to be as faithful to it as possible.

Other news about Dune 2012 movie...According to the "Hollywood Reporter", Chase Palmer will rewrite the script next movie of Pierre Morel, Dune.
dune 2012 movie kelly temple

Morel has announced its involvement in this project earlier this year. The script was originally written by Josh Zetumer, but apparently that approach was less faithful to the novel signed by Frank Herbert. That being said, let us remember that Morel would like a dune as the source text.

Last adaptation of the novel (first in a series of six) was that of David Lynch, 1984.

Pierre Morel on Dune 2012

pierre morel dune movie 2012We know that Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris With Love) will deal with the new adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune, for those of Paramount.

Initial SF site was to be directed by Peter Berg, but he decided that it's risk free to direct another film, namely Battleship. Berg had intended to make a film from a screenplay written by Joshua Zetumer, but that scenario is not like the Morel's.

"We start from scratch. Peter approached the novel differently than I would have liked me, so co take over again. I do not think we will keep anything from the script of Peter. With all that is good. It's really interesting. But did not fit with our vision. I can not say now who will write the script again. Information will be made public next week. Still have not signed contracts, "said Morel.

"Dune is a huge project. It's big, it's difficult, and is long lasting. We are only just beginning. You need to rewrite the script, is to develop the entire universe. It will take a long time, "concluded Young Film Maker.

dune movie 2012
After Peter Berg (Hancock, The Kingdom, The Rundown) dropped to the sand dunes with spices for battles with curcisatoare, Paramount studio started looking for a new director.

It seems that for the ideal candidate for a revitalization of this franchise is none other than Pierre Morel, director of films such as banlieue 13 and Taken.

According to the Entertainment Weekly, the script written by Josh Zetumer (Quantum of Solace) will undergo some changes to incorporate in the new film director Pierre Morel and vision.

Written by Frank Herbert series "Dune" is considered one of the most valuable creations in the history of literary science fiction and has received a big screen adaptation in 1984, the film maker David Lynch.

New Dune Movie in 2010

dune 2010 movie robert pattisonA new Dune movie will come in 2010 (of the famous novel by Frank Herbert , by David Lynch's 1984 movie and TV mini-series in 2000). This is for sure a great news for all Dune movie fans all around the world. I think that Dune is for sure one of the best sci-fi movies, now Dune in 2010 it will be for sure one of the best science fiction movie of 2010.

But today we don't know too much about Dune (2010). First we know that Peter Berg is no longer the director of Dune 2010. But who else? Maybe you will come here with some suggestions.

No casting has yet been announced for Dune 2010. One thing ...probably Robert Pattinson ( The Twilight Saga ) will be in Dune 2010, this is just a rumor at this time. This is very interesting because Robert Pattinson will have another exceptional movie in 2010, and here I'm talking about Twilight Saga Eclipse.

What else do we know about Dune (2010)? Reports suggest the producers want a "classic interpretation" of Frank Herbert's original novel.

A few days ago I find a Dune (2010) movie trailer fan made, and I have the pleasure to present you this trailer below: