New Dune Movie 2012 will be a sci-fi action movie

More informations about Dune (2012). New Dune Movie 2012 will be a sci-fi action movie. While promoting his latest film From Paris with Love, John Travolta and starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, director Pierre Morel was "questioned" in connection with his next project, named Dune, written by Frank Herbert.

Considering that the filmmaker of all time released information about the new dune movie project, reporters in the absence of relevant questions, asked him if he includes action scenes in this new dune movie in 2012.

Morel's response was temperate and cautious. It seems that such scenes will not define the movie:

"There are many scenes which are described in novels that are just mentioned, like some attacks, so it seems logical to include several such scenes in the film. Thus, one can say that dunes will contain elements of action movie. "

Knowing that such statement could cause major panic in the universe fans signed by Herbert, Morel testified that he read his first book 10 times, and that wants to be as faithful to it as possible.

Other news about Dune 2012 movie...According to the "Hollywood Reporter", Chase Palmer will rewrite the script next movie of Pierre Morel, Dune.
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Morel has announced its involvement in this project earlier this year. The script was originally written by Josh Zetumer, but apparently that approach was less faithful to the novel signed by Frank Herbert. That being said, let us remember that Morel would like a dune as the source text.

Last adaptation of the novel (first in a series of six) was that of David Lynch, 1984.

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