Pierre Morel on Dune 2012

pierre morel dune movie 2012We know that Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris With Love) will deal with the new adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune, for those of Paramount.

Initial SF site was to be directed by Peter Berg, but he decided that it's risk free to direct another film, namely Battleship. Berg had intended to make a film from a screenplay written by Joshua Zetumer, but that scenario is not like the Morel's.

"We start from scratch. Peter approached the novel differently than I would have liked me, so co take over again. I do not think we will keep anything from the script of Peter. With all that is good. It's really interesting. But did not fit with our vision. I can not say now who will write the script again. Information will be made public next week. Still have not signed contracts, "said Morel.

"Dune is a huge project. It's big, it's difficult, and is long lasting. We are only just beginning. You need to rewrite the script, is to develop the entire universe. It will take a long time, "concluded Young Film Maker.

dune movie 2012
After Peter Berg (Hancock, The Kingdom, The Rundown) dropped to the sand dunes with spices for battles with curcisatoare, Paramount studio started looking for a new director.

It seems that for the ideal candidate for a revitalization of this franchise is none other than Pierre Morel, director of films such as banlieue 13 and Taken.

According to the Entertainment Weekly, the script written by Josh Zetumer (Quantum of Solace) will undergo some changes to incorporate in the new film director Pierre Morel and vision.

Written by Frank Herbert series "Dune" is considered one of the most valuable creations in the history of literary science fiction and has received a big screen adaptation in 1984, the film maker David Lynch.

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