New Dune Movie in 2010

dune 2010 movie robert pattisonA new Dune movie will come in 2010 (of the famous novel by Frank Herbert , by David Lynch's 1984 movie and TV mini-series in 2000). This is for sure a great news for all Dune movie fans all around the world. I think that Dune is for sure one of the best sci-fi movies, now Dune in 2010 it will be for sure one of the best science fiction movie of 2010.

But today we don't know too much about Dune (2010). First we know that Peter Berg is no longer the director of Dune 2010. But who else? Maybe you will come here with some suggestions.

No casting has yet been announced for Dune 2010. One thing ...probably Robert Pattinson ( The Twilight Saga ) will be in Dune 2010, this is just a rumor at this time. This is very interesting because Robert Pattinson will have another exceptional movie in 2010, and here I'm talking about Twilight Saga Eclipse.

What else do we know about Dune (2010)? Reports suggest the producers want a "classic interpretation" of Frank Herbert's original novel.

A few days ago I find a Dune (2010) movie trailer fan made, and I have the pleasure to present you this trailer below:

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Anonymous said...

Surprising, this was a good film and we need more good films, 90% of the films these days are complete crap and it is near impossible to finish even one if them, how they get funded is beyond my comprehension. I must be an idiot.